I’m an educator, a coach, and a white man working on my antiracism. In this blog, I unpack my evolving thinking about how to push for racial and environmental justice. And in this post, I explore the themes on which I hope to expand in this blog more broadly. Please read, subscribe at the bottom of the site, and let me know what you think.

Quotations from Entwining

What would it look like, and what would be the effect on us, if we abandoned this binary thinking in favor of the complexity of paradox?

All of those fights stem from the kindness and compassion we have for individuals, but they are fights to protect the relationships and systems in which we are embedded. These fights are all about seeking justice for living systems.

Sadness comes from knowledge of what I have that will be lost. Within it, sadness contains the seeds of love and joy, because we only mourn that which we have loved.

Justice for Living Systems