Listen to “Closer” here.

Every day, I hope to get closer
To the person I imagine myself to be. 
Because through me, you see what it means to close or
Open doors to love or hate or sadness or joy

And all the emotions and experiences since your birth. 
When you laugh or cry or sing to
The heavens and earth, 
Will you wonder what that’s worth?

In a world where we spoil the land from which we eat
And soil the water we drink and boil the air we breathe
And every day we get closer to a planet we no longer recognize, 
I can’t help but believe that how we seek to sanitize

Our experience connects to our desire for control, always control
And pushing down our fear. 
I hear the echo of how I seek to steer
Your voice in how we seek to control the choice

We face. Do we embrace a world with less
To end up with more than we dreamed? 
Or do we continue to take more than we can handle
And end up with a world that can no longer be redeemed?

How do I live the values I espouse? 
How do we live within the limits this world allows? 
What do I need to get closer to for you? 
How do we get closer to a world that is renewed?

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