Listen to “5 years after Ferguson” here.

We’re still shooting down Black men with no accountability, 
And flood the streets with guns that inevitably kill but we
Say that’s the price we have to pay for liberty.
We claim this is the land of opportunity.

We starve our neighbors and we need their labors
But when they come we put their kids in cages.
Have we felt a little grief and already gone through all the stages
Or can we still pass some limits that enrage us? 

No, with white people our forgiveness is limitless,
When it comes to killing Black people we don’t know what a limit is. 
When a Black man makes a mistake he’s got to live with his
Consequences as his dream diminishes. 

We make excuses, say: “It’s better than it used to be,”
But we use this as a reason to withdraw the effort we
Could make to value all the cultural brilliance and virtuosity
That it will take to make us truly free.

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