I give thanks for the guidance that comes to me unbidden.

I give thanks for fear, because it pushes me to explore the limits of what I can and cannot do.

I give thanks for boredom, because it is the ground from which my inspiration grows.

I give thanks for guilt, because it reminds me when I have deviated from my values.

I give thanks for anger, because it makes clear my need for action.

I give thanks for sadness, because it illuminates the fullness of my joy.

I do not wish these emotions to be my, or anyone’s, constant companions. But I ask for the  wisdom to welcome them in when they show up at my door, as they are wise and consistent teachers. I ask for the patience to listen to these teachers, and to learn from the knowledge they share. I ask for the strength to turn them away when they overstay their welcome.

I give thanks for the full range of human experience, for my capacity to touch and see and smell and hear and taste this world in its abundance. And although my own life is bound in time and space to this one small slice of existence, I give thanks for all that has been and will be for those pastfuture human lives to relish, to embrace, to delight.

I give thanks.

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