Listen to “System Warning” here.
Planetary system warning. 
Our society's in mourning. x2
Verse 1:
Burning up the buried energy created over eons,
Just to have the sparkly stuff that capitalism feeds on.
Dumping all these gases in our atmospheric system, 
We've desensitized ourselves so we don't feel the fear of this gun

We've pointed at our head and cocked the trigger,
Like planetary Russian roulette to make ourselves feel bigger
Than our small place in the universe. 
We destroy, we don't create, time to finish the verse. 
Verse 2:
We live with the belief that we can do as we please. 
And though psychologically it causes me unease
I freeze my empathy, concentrate on what I can get for me.
Isn't that why we are the land of the free? 

Our history consists of taking what isn't ours. 
The mystery is how we've squandered away the hours
That we could have used to solve the problem that we are facing. 
The danger is we are the ones that need erasing. 
Verse 3:
Perhaps if we find a way to reach for one another,
We’ll value what we own less, our sister and our brother
More, therefore the earth is keeping score.
For us to not be heading out the door

We need a transformation, translating selfish impulses and feelings
To a web of relationships that redeems us as a nation,
From denial and distrust to something that resembles justice
Before avarice and greed lead to our destruction. 

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