Listen to “Enough” here.
The sound in your voice shows the impact on your soul. 
The thoughts in your mind hide how much this takes a toll. 
And I want to take this weight away from you. 
I wish I had some certainty that would guide you through.

The light in your eyes contains the spirit of your birth.
My voice in your ears tries to emphasize your worth. 
And I cannot turn away from what you need.
For the love you give returns wrapped inside a seed 

We plant within the ground under our feet to watch it grow.
It sprouts into a tiny stalk we nourish though we know
It will come to an end.
But for right now, it’s enough for me to tend.

This time in your life presents the guarantee of death. 
The space in your chest fills with life-giving breath. 
And I hope you know it’s you I’m thinking of,
For all time I give to you my all-embracing love.

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