Our national election just ended 3 weeks ago and the presidential transition is beginning in spite of the current occupant’s reluctance. We are closing out our calendar and moving into a period of holidays and rest. 

And still, there is much work to be done. In this moment, part of that work is to push for Democratic control of the Senate. If Democrats can triumph in two runoff elections in US Senate races in Georgia, they can capture control of the Senate. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff both kept their Republican opponents under 50% of the vote during the November 3rd election, so they are both pushing to win their runoff on January 5th. 

What work can we do to assist? There are many organizations that are facilitating the writing of letters and postcards to Georgia voters to increase turnout. Here are four different options, among many others:

It is vital that we integrate our work and rest, finding time for each of them and interweaving them in each day, month, and year. And we all must choose for ourselves how work and rest look for us. If you’re interested in advancing a progressive agenda in national policy, I’d argue that working for two more wins in Georgia would be one place to direct your energy in this moment. 

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