The snow arrives early this year, before we are ready. 
The leaves are still on the trees. They had some time to fall yet, we say. 
We are not prepared. 
But if we are honest with ourselves, when have we embraced change? 
It always comes against our will and wishes, 
Pushing in where it is not welcome
Because it is never welcome. 
We are set in our ways
And accept novelty only in retrospect. 
We should be thankful that the universe works on its own schedule
And not on ours
Lest we were caught in a cycle of perpetual sameness
And resigned to feelings of perpetual sadness. 
So even if we find it difficult to embrace, 
Maybe we can try to accept it
Because the snow will come whether we invite it or not. 
We can move in alignment with or fight against it.
Our attitude matters not to the snow, only to our own experience
Of it.

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