Why does it hurt you that a child who was born biologically male wants to be called Sophia and wear stereotypically female clothes? How does that affect you or your children? How does it change your life? 

Why does it hurt for your children to hear a story about a family with two dads or two moms? Does it undermine the integrity of your own family? If so, how? 

Why does it hurt to hear the reality of slavery in this country? Why, when it is raised, do you respond, “But they had slavery in other countries, too”? Why do you feel the need to deflect from us examining our own history? 

Why does it hurt to consider how our capitalist economy creates poverty here and elsewhere? Does it mean you must consider your own complicity? 

Does it hurt because these matters force you to confront that we have not always made the best choices? Is it hard to hear about and live with our mistakes? Is it challenging to admit the difficult truths about ourselves, our families, our communities, and our nation? 

Would understanding the mistakes of our past mean that we need to make changes in the present? 

Does it hurt to give up what you know? Does it hurt to change? 

Why does it hurt?

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