An early January day in Chicago, filled with warm sunshine. A day in February, with flower shoots poking through the soil. Mid-March and the tree buds are breaking open. The markers of a typical year, transposed in time, signs of a disrupted rhythm. Weather is not climate and history is not destiny, but this sits heavy in me all the same. Why are you worried, some say, things are always changing. And they are right – change is always with us, in all its varieties. Steady change, erratic change, accelerating change, debilitating change. Which is this? I am afraid we already know in our collective mind, but we don’t sense it in our collective spirit and body. Because we only change when all are joined – mind and spirit and body, knowing and feeling and doing. We are changing the Earth and we must change in response. All is not lost, and all cannot be, but each moment that passes more of what makes us possible slips away. It is up to us to join mind, spirit, and body in change…before the change we have wrought overwhelms us.

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