Members of the College Board: 

We received your recent application to import your Advanced Placement African American Studies class into the great state of Florida. We appreciate your desire to spread your woke ideologies throughout the country, and especially to bring them to God-fearing Floridians. 

However, those Floridians of the white race are constitutionally unable to bear any kind of race-related stress or discomfort. As a result, we have prohibited any educational efforts that create “guilt, anguish, or other forms of psychological distress,” according to the 2022 Stop WOKE Act, ostensibly for all students, but in point of fact for white students. This law makes it illegal to teach any kind of real or truthful history about the United States, especially when dealing with topics related to race. In other words, American History. 

If you are willing to come back to the table with content that has been stripped of any challenging discussion of race, most efforts at critical thinking, and ideally any reference to the existence of slavery, Native genocide, and anti-immigrant discrimination, FDOE will always be willing to reopen the discussion.

Jeff Robertson
The Florida Department of Education
"Where hope goes to die."

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